Filip Krajinovic vs Pablo Carreno Busta In The Title Decider | Hamburg 2021 Final Highlights

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47 thoughts on “Filip Krajinovic vs Pablo Carreno Busta In The Title Decider | Hamburg 2021 Final Highlights

  1. IL T 90s says:

    Good for Busta, but that's the only titles he's gonna win lol. Whenever the big boys are away, he can pick up these cheap titles.

  2. Ruben Kogel says:

    Krajinovic seems to have lost a gear or two after that ground fall. Too bad. He was looking great throughout the tournament.

  3. DebilanaMC says:

    Feel bad for krajinovic, he could done it better, but it is great to compete in another final, all the best for him to win a title

  4. Álvaro M says:

    PCB is a very athletic guy, with good skills overall. No real weak spots. If he improves psychologically and manages to be more consistent, we could achieve great things.

  5. Tiago R says:

    Never saw PCB plays this way against Nadal because he suffers from the Veneration Syndrome and asks for an autograph at the and of every defeat against him

  6. Juan Pedro Arevalo says:

    Since a long i not watch Carreño Busta playing so good. Clearly he has recovered his tennis here in Hamburg and hope will continue in this way.

  7. The game of life says:

    I honestly never seen Busta playing such aggressive tennis before. He can trouble anyone if he plays like this.

  8. Назира Якубова says:

    Филип ты классный теннисист , у тебя будут победы, и ты будешь вспоминать эти минуты и улыбаться над этими эмоциями

  9. Hammerton32 says:

    After Krajinovic beat a Tsitsipas, sub-par but still a win, I thought the final was his. But Congrats to Carreno Busta!

  10. Juan Antonio Quintas says:

    Grande el astur.🥂🍾
    No es su mayor título.
    Ya ha alcanzado SF del Open de EEUU, mucho más importante.
    A por medalla en los JJOO de Tokio.

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