Daniil Medvedev vs Andrey Rublev Highlights | Cincinnati 2021

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39 thoughts on “Daniil Medvedev vs Andrey Rublev Highlights | Cincinnati 2021

  1. iceescape says:

    They didn't show Medvedev trying to kick the camera onto the cameraman and getting all up in the umpire's face. Terrible behavior and arrogance the way he treats ball kids, linesmen, umpires, and anyone not rich and famous.

  2. Владимир Мыльник says:

    После эмоционального срыва Медведев включил самоуничтожение и обыграл сам себя

  3. Relax Max says:

    …. DISILLUSION for RUBLEV … CAM on the COurt , broke the semi final match .
    So come back to reality : PITY FINAL . BAD PUBLICITY for the TENNIS and the ATP Tour .

  4. Relax Max says:

    STOP CAMS ON THE COURTS !! SO you a have a False victory , then a pity final Zverev/ Rublev… 6/2 6/3 in 0:58 min !! Rublev don't even know to return big serves . He is not in his place in this final.

  5. Hello There says:

    Почему Русские теннисисты развиваются и прогрессирует, а футболисты…. Ну вы в курсе

  6. Richard Paul says:

    Medvedev's forehand technique is so wonky and unstable; a really ugly shot. It's surprising it doesn't break down that often.

  7. Geraldine Morley says:

    Rublev shocked the life out of me in this match. I have never seen him play with such power and precision. So happy for him xx

  8. Татьяна Анискевич says:

    Андрей- Браво👏 🙌 👍💪❤️❤️❤️!!! Только вперёд к победе 🙌💪❤️!!!

  9. jOE Marchand says:

    No disrespect to Rublev, but anyone who doesn't think that the camera incident played a huge role in the eventual outcome of this match is clearly delusional.

  10. asiático na europa says:

    Beating Medvedev in 2021 is the most important moment for Rublev. He is not afraid of anyone on tour, but up to this match it was always difficult for him to play against Dani. Maybe, they have trained together a lot in Russia, and Dani is older, and of course has a bit more experience to neutralize Rublev's power while Rublev is still trying to gain more experience. However, this match is a turning-point to all the future confrontation between these two. Now Rublev has the key to unlock this stubborn opponent.

  11. Алексей Абрамович says:

    Будучи поклонником Рублева, я счастлив этой победе. Спасибо Андрей! Надеюсь и дальше будешь обыгрывать Даниила. Очень важная победа и, возможно, переломная в карьере.

  12. Alexsandr Barzakovsky says:

    Ай рубиджан молодчага…как по мне совершил чудо так как это время медведя и корт где он просто непобедим…!))

  13. The truth. says:

    Somebody needs to seriously take a lot at medvedevs forehand. That backswing is outrageous. Buddy couldn’t even follow through he was following through above his head. Terrible style

  14. John Doe says:

    Medvedev was dominating until the camera incident. Also just came from a dominant win in Toronto. Such a shame we have no idea how much this impacted Medvedev or how much it is an excuse and Rublev just played better. We will never find out.

    It didn't really look like he had that bad of a landing.

    But whatever happened, Medvedev was clearly changed from that moment.

    It was the first win ever from Rublev over Medvedev on the pro tour.

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