Anett Kontaveit vs. Bianca Andreescu | 2021 Indian Wells Round 3 | WTA Match Highlights

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Watch the Match Highlights from Anett Kontaveit vs. Bianca Andreescu at the 2021 BNP Paribas Open.

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43 thoughts on “Anett Kontaveit vs. Bianca Andreescu | 2021 Indian Wells Round 3 | WTA Match Highlights

  1. abbsnn cose says:

    of the top tier of players, and until she can put some more control into those areas, opponents will hurt her there.

  2. Quinn Knox says:

    I have felt for some time now that Kontaveit is on the brink of a big breakthrough. I predict great things for her in the near future!

  3. nunky1 says:

    my heart sank when she tries but alas she is becoming another Eugene Bouchard. shes in for one or two sets just to satisfy their sponsor's, her mother will invest her income so she need not worry when she now plays her expression is not one of enjoyment or achievement so I ask why is she there?

  4. Angela B says:

    3rd time in a row Anett has beaten Bianca. Good for her. Wish I could see the whole match. Bianca usually has so much drama, especially when she’s losing. Last match against Riske she took a 9 minute break after Riske started winning.

  5. HP says:

    Game point : Ahheiim
    Break point : Ahheiiim
    Set point : Ahheiim
    Match point: Ahheiim
    How the weather kontavaiet ? : Ahheeeeeim !

  6. Flo Souliere says:

    I remember her declaration when she hire Sven Groeneveld,  ‘seeing great improvement’ under new coach. Personally I don't see any of that. Her game had much more variety under Sylvain Bruneau. Now she looks like a lot of other players. It was even a rather ungrateful comment towards Bruneau who helped her to climb from No. 256 to a career-high No. 4 and three tournament wins in 2019, including the U.S. Open. That's one of the things I hate most about these athletes, is forgetting what got them there and being ungrateful to those who helped them climb.

  7. troiscarottes says:

    She's done it again! I doubt anyone can beat Kontaveit in a show of strength. She doesn't move too fast, that's their only chance.

  8. B Garrah says:

    Kontaveit has become my favourite player to watch this year. Loving her new aggressive style. That forehand – just amazing, and her shot placement is so consistent. When she hits a winner, it is a thing of beauty. Go Anett!!!

  9. Chee Chen says:

    To put it bluntly Bianca's game sucks in every department while the $#%& coach keep writing stupid notes and totally dull. So agonizing to watch this. Her eyes tell it all. No fight and no intensity. Unless she improves she will fall further.

  10. bigrobsydney says:

    Anett is in great form it has to be said. That said, Bianca is missing some touch / feel, especially around the net. Some drop shots really left her exposed. She has dropped out of the top tier of players, and until she can put some more control into those areas, opponents will hurt her there.

  11. Karen says:

    Трижды молодец, Анетт. Во-первых, что красиво выиграла, во-вторых, что выиграла у этой, в-третьих, что такая милая и хорошенькая.🍒🎾

  12. Rajshekar Reddy says:

    adresscu will loose with kontaveit next when they meet each other also adresscu cant even had energy to hit shots in the continuing rally ..really great play kontaveit , u deserve this title also

  13. anujbeatles says:

    Bianca's game and creativity have honestly suffered under Sven. I know it's still early, but it's like on 90% of the rallies, she doesn't even try and move her opponent around. Constantly hitting it forcefully, but straight down the middle, which may work against the lower ranked less consistent players, but honestly she gets shown up against the top crop. It's like an invitation to them to take the reigns.

    Bianca 2019 was one of the most unpredictable and creative players I've ever seen and a nightmare to play against. Sven has just completely overridden her instincts and her entire game. He needs to just let Bianca do her thing.

  14. Justin says:

    As a Kontaveit fan I’m so excited for her and celebrating with her in her wins, you can see in that forehand exchange that she won that the Fire is in her eyes and she is hungry for this win and would not be denied , well done Anett! 🔥🙏

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