40 Unique Roger Federer Tennis Plays!

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40 Unique plays for a 40th birthday! 🥳 SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights:

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28 thoughts on “40 Unique Roger Federer Tennis Plays!

  1. canski says:

    roger sells the most watches and running shoes and best suited for sqaush as his game was no match for the Nadal and djokovic

  2. pil dragon balm says:

    Stop sending tribute to Federer. Hes a man of the past. Let's turn the page and look at the future now !

  3. ViaMirage says:

    Federer may not be GOAT to some statistically, but he absolutely plays the most beautiful game. Which is worth more and makes him my favorite, personally.

  4. Fort Ranno says:

    The greatest legacy of Roger would be how easy he made tennis look and got millions to be interested in watching and playing this sport – don't think anyone will ever match this achievement. That overhead shot @1:03 is a pure testament of the above fact. His body moving backwards, racket moving even faster backwards beyond his back and he still ends up swinging the racket with enough forward momentum to hit that overhead so freaking precisely. I challenge anyone, try attempting this shot and you will know what I am saying 🙂🙂🙂 Miss you Rog!

  5. Awesome Welles says:

    The reverse angle of that last point against Roddick really emphasises just how far and away from the court he is moving when he hits it. Extraordinary.

  6. Bart Pickford says:

    For me, his skills are a composite of many racquet sports – the overhead shots of badminton, the mathematical use of angles from squash and the touch of a table tennis player – love it all

  7. Fritz Zahnd says:

    Thanks God for having a Great tennis player like Mr.Roger Federer, so class and humble.
    My late swiss husband felt very emotional with teary eyes watchin Roger,during championship won.
    Wish you the Best always .

  8. Dr. Peter Zeitler says:

    bei Federer sehe ich, wie einfach Tennis doch zu spielen ist- aber keinen einzigen Schlag von ihm kann ich selbst zu Wege bringen.

  9. World's Worst Fishing says:

    Makes today's baseline grunt-fest tennis so boring by comparison..no variety and no 3-d chess shot making..every match comes down to who can draw the error first after a grueling baseline rally…Federer is/was the last great natural talent..

  10. Zaki Samsudin says:

    In my own multiverse, Federer made that fake forehand slice dropshot on match point to win Wimbledon 2019.

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